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Famous singer Paul Cattermole was tragically found dead at home on April 6, 2023.Paul Cattermole was best known for being part of pop group S Club 7. 

After his death, his loved ones were deeply shocked and are mourning. At the same time, some people want to know about his family life, who is his wife, how many children he has, whether he was married or not? There is a lot of searching on the internet about all these things. So we will try to know whether he is married or not, if yes then who is his wife, who are the children, all these things are given below.

Who is Hannah Spearritt ? 

42 Years old British Actress and singer Hannah Louise Spearritt was Born on 1 April 1981 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. 

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By the way, Paul Cattermole was in a relationship with Hannah Spearritt for a very long time. Hannah Spearritt has also been a bandmate of club7. Both have spent a lot of time. But still both did not get married. So we can say that Paul Cattermole was not married when he died, that is, Paul Cattermole was unmarried.

Paul’s former girlfriend and co-star Hannah Spearritt  is said to have “broken down” after hearing the devastating news of Paul passing.

They both met for the first time in the year 1994 at the National Youth Music Theatre. Hannah was 14 at the time and Paul Cattermole was 17.

After 1994, in the year 1999, both of them are selected in the 7 member pop group S club7. However, till now there was no such romantic relationship between them. 

The beginning of the romantic relationship takes place in May 2001 and they kept their relationship a secret for about 6 months. No one knew about it. Then after 6 months in November 2001, both of them confessed that they were in a relationship with each other and are dating each other. 

Their relationship was supported by the rest of the S Club members, and they continued to date together until 2006.

After 2006, both of them separated and stayed away from each other for almost 9 years.  In 2006 Spearritt started dating Andrew-Lee Potts, her co-star on the series Primeval; the couple were engaged from 2008 until 2013.

Paul and Hannah, after being separated for 9 years, in 2015, both of them again started dating each other and after 2017 , again their relationship came to a distance .

After splitting from Paul again in 2017, Spearritt started dating Adam Thomas and is currently with him. Spearritt has two children with Adam Thomas. Spearritt gave birth to her first child on 20 December 2018, a baby girl, and in the year 2020, she gave birth to her second child Daughter.

Did Paul Cattermole have any children?

They both were in a relationship for a very long time. But could not reach the bond of marriage and remained a bachelor till the death of Paul Cattermole, he had no children.

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