Qaumi Waqf Board Taraqqiati Scheme (QWBTS) initiative for financial assistance to State Waqf Boards

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The Ministry of Minority Affairs is running a program called the Qaumi Waqf Board Taraqqiati Scheme (QWBTS). This initiative provides financial assistance to State Waqf Boards (SWBs) for the computerization and digitization of Waqf records, which are important for their management. The scheme also supports SWBs by providing funds for hiring personnel such as Assistant Programmers, Survey Assistants, Accountants, and Legal Assistants. Additionally, the scheme assists in setting up facilities like Video Conferencing, Centralized Computing, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to modernize and improve the administration of SWBs.

Under the 15th Finance Commission, a budget of Rs. 70 crore has been allocated for the Qaumi Waqf Board Taraqqiati Scheme from the year 2021-22 to 2025-26. The funds are disbursed to Waqf Boards based on specific modules of the scheme when proposals are received. Importantly, the release of further funds is contingent upon the utilization certificate (UC) of previous funds received. This ensures transparency and accountability in the utilization of funds. The information was shared by the Minister of Minority Affairs, Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani, in a written response in Lok Sabha.