Which company makes the footballs used in the NFL

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It is a lot of fun to watch NFL football, but do you know – which company makes the football used in this game and how much football is used by a football team in a whole season. In this article, we will go into full detail about it.

Which company makes the footballs used in the NFL?
Which company makes the footballs used in the NFL?

The sole supplier of balls for NFL football games is Wilson Sporting Goods, which has been the sole supplier of footballs to the NFL since 1941, including the Super Bowl. The company manufactures approximately 7,00,000 footballs annually, providing each football team with approximately 580 footballs. In this way, almost all the NFL teams are given 24,960 balls in the entire season.

Each team in the NFL uses a total of 24 balls per game during any given season, with 12 balls used primarily for play and 12 balls for backup. While this figure increases from 24 balls to 54 for Super Bowl matches. A total of 228 footballs will be used for Super Bowl LVII.

Both Super Bowl teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, will receive an equal number of 108-108 football balls, of which 54 will be used for the game and 54 for practice.

The footballs used in the NFL are made by hand in Ada, Ohio,(Wilson’s Ada, Ohio, football factory) a very simple village in America. After production from there, it is transported to Southern California.

Q.Which company makes the footballs used in the NFL? 

ANS- Wilson Sporting Goods

Q.Where are the footballs used in the NFL made?

ANS- Ada, Ohio

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