Red/Pink bread mould is the common name for

 Red/Pink bread mould is the common name for 

  1. Neurospora 
  2. Mucor 
  3. Aspergillus 
  4. Rhizopus

Answer – Neurospora

Neurospora is a genus of filamentous fungi, commonly known as Red/Pink bread molds

These fungi are commonly found in soil and on plant material, and are known for their fast growth and ability to produce a large number of spores. 

The most well-known species in this genus is Neurospora crassa, which has been widely used as a model organism in genetics and molecular biology research.

Neurospora crassa is a unicellular organism that reproduces asexually by forming spores. 

It is a facultative aerobe, which means that it can grow both with and without oxygen. It has a simple nutritional requirement, it can grow on a medium containing only sugar and mineral salts.

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