One Word Substitutions


With Letter A

  1. Abbreviation/संक्षिप्तीकरणA shortened form of a word or phrase
  2. Abdicate/त्यागना – To give up a throne voluntarily
  3. Aberration/सामान्य से विचलनA Deviation from the normal or typical 
  4. Abjectबहुत बुरा या दयनीय
  5. Abolishपूरी तरह समाप्त करना
  6. Ab-origines/मुलनिवासी – Original inhabitants of a place
  7. Abstruse/अव्यक्त – Hard to understand
  8. Absurd/मूर्खतापूर्ण – Wildly unreasonable, illogical or ridiculous
  9. Apostle – किसी सिद्धांत पर पूरी तरह विश्वास करने वाला
  10. Appraisal– An act of assessing something or someone
  11. Apprentice– A person who works for a skilled employer in order to learn a skill
  12. Aquarium– A tank where fish or water plants are kept
  13. Arable – कृषि-योग्य
  14. Arbitrator/मध्यस्थता कराने वाला– A person appointed by parties to settle the disputes between them
  15. Archery /तीरंदाजी
  16. Architect /वास्तुकार– A person who designs building
  17. Archive/संग्रह – A place where government/public records are kept
  18. Arena – अखाड़ा, रणभूमि
  19. Arid/शुष्क – Having little or no rain
  20. Arsenal – हथियारों का भंडार, शस्त्रागार
  21. Arsonist – A person who commits the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to propertY(Arson – आग लगाना)
  22. Artful – Clever or skilful, especially in a crafty or cunning way (धूर्त/चालाक– sly, artful, Machiavellian, leery, deceptive, serpentine, insidious, pretentious, disingenuous, ambidextrous, deceptive)
  23. Artisan– Expert in any skill of hand
  24. Ascetic – A religious person with strict way of life
  25. Assassin – A person who murders a big political personality
  26. Assent – सहमत होना
  27. Assertive -One who expresses one’s opinion firmly but politely
  28. Assiduous-Showing great care and perseverance
  29. Astrophysicist – तारों एवं ग्रहों का अध्ययन करने वाला विशेषज्ञ
  30. Asylum– A place of refuge and safety
  31. Atheist– One who does not believe in the existence of God
  32. Attic – A space or room just below the roof of a building
  33. Auctioneer – A person who conducts auction
  34. Audacious – Showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks दु:साहसी, निर्भीक
  35. Auditor किसी कम्पनी के खाता-बही का जाँच करने
  36. Auditorium – A building where an audience sits
  37. Autobiography – life of story of a man written by himself
  38. Autopsy – examination of a dead body
  39. Avant-garde – New and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts ,or the people introducing them
  40. Avaricious – One who is greedy for money
  41. Aviary – A place where birds are kept
  42. Accolade – An expression of praise or admiration, An award or privilege granted as a special honour or as an acknowledgement of merit
  43. Accomplice – An associate in crime
  44. Accountable – Liable to being called to account, answerable
  45. Acquiesce – To accept something reluctantly but without protest
  46. Acquit – To free a person by verdict of ‘not guilty’
  47. Acrimonious– Angry and bitter (typically of speech or discussion)
  48. Actuary – वह जो प्रीमियम calculates करता हो
  49. Addict – वह व्यक्ति जिसे किसी चीज की लत लग जाती है
  50. Adolescence – किशोरावस्था
  51. Advocacy – किसी नीति के लिए जनता का समर्थन या सिफारिश
  52. Affable – मिलनसार और नेकदिल
  53. Affidavit – शपथ(oath) द्वारा पुष्टि किया गया एक लिखित बयान
  54. Agenda – A list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting
  55. Aggravate – To increase the gravity of an offence or the intensity of a disease
  56. Aggressor – A person who attacks first
  57. Agitation – The arousing of public concern about an issue and pressing for action on it
  58. Agnostic – जो भगवान के अस्तित्व पर संदेह व्यक्त करता है
  59. Agnosticism – धारणा कि ईश्वर के अस्तित्व के बारे में कुछ नहीं कहा जा सकता
  60. Alibi – बहाना, कथन कि घटना के वक्त कहीं और उपस्थित था
  61. Alienate– To turn friends in enemies
  62. Alimony – Allowance due to a wife from her husband on separation
  63. Allegory – रूपक, नैतिक शिक्षा देने वाली कहानी
  64. Altruist – Selfless concern for the welfare of others
  65. Amateur– A person who does something for pleasure rather than for pay
  66. Amazon – Anotably tall, physically strong, or strong-willed woman
  67. Ambassador/Diplomat/Envoy– A diplomatic minister of the higher order sent by a country to another
  68. Ambidextrous – A person who is able to use both hands with equal skill
  69. Ambiguous– A statement open to more than interpretation, A sentence whose meaning is unclear
  70. Ambivalent– Having opposing feelings/दो विरोधी मूल्यों या गुणों में से एक या दोनों को धारण करने वाला
  71. Ambivert/उभयवर्ती – Both introvert and extrovert जो बातूनी एवं कम बोलने वाला दोनों का गुण रखता हो
  72. Amnesty– सरकार द्वारा दिया जाने वाला क्षमा दान/pardon
  73. Amoral/नीतिहीन – One not concerned with right or wrong
  74. Amphibian – जो पानी और स्थल दोनों पर जीवित रह ले .
  75. Amphitheatre – वृताकार स्थान – कालाकारों के अभिनय का मंच
  76. Amputee/अपंग – A person whose limb(अंग) has been amputated
  77. Anachronism – Something that is not suitable for its age of existence
  78. Anachronistic – That which is out of place
  79. Analgesia/पीड़ा का अभाव – The inability to feel pain
  80. Anarchist/अराजकतावादी – A person who rejects the need for a system of government in society and proposes its abolition, One who is out to subvert a government
  81. Anarchy – अराजकता / किसी भी प्रकार के राजनीतिक प्राधिकरण या सरकार की अनुपस्थिति
  82. Anecdoteछोटी सी घटना का विवरण
  83. Animate – Having life
  84. Animism/सर्वात्मवाद – Belief that God is in everything and that everything is God
  85. Annal – एक साल की घटनाओं का विवरण
  86. Annihilate/मिटा देना – To destroy completely
  87. Anonymous/गुमनाम– A letter, poem etc., whose author is unknown
  88. Answerable/जवाबदेह – A person liable to be called to account for his action
  89. Antedate – समय से पूर्व घटित होना
  90. Ante-meridiem – The time between midnight and noon
  91. Anthropologist /मानव विज्ञानी – One who studies the complete history of mankind
  92. Antibody– A blood protein produced in response to and counteracting a specific antigen
  93. Antidote – A medicine that counteracts the effect of another medicine
  94. Antigen – पदार्थ जो शरीर में प्रतिरक्षा प्रतिक्रिया उत्पन्न करता है
  95. Apartheidनस्ल के आधार पर अलगाव या भेदभाव की नीति या प्रणाली
  96. Apathy (उदासीनता)– Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern
  97. Apiary – स्थान जहाँ मधुमक्खियाँ रखी जाती हैं
  98. Apoplexy (रक्ताघात ,मूर्छा की बीमारी)– Unconsciousness or incapacity resulting from a cerebral haemorrhage or stroke
  99. Axiom – स्वतः सिद्ध प्रमाण


a man who is not and has never been married 


Long song or poem


An artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalised set steps 


to cut off the head 


one who is ready to start argument or fight 


nations engaged in war 


A prayer asking for divine blessing 


generosity in helping others 


-to be disloyal to someone who trust you 


a group of people at a place


collection of names of books useful for the purpose 




taking place every other year; living or lasting for two years (especially of a plant) 


to cut something into two pieces 


practice of having two wives or husband 


one who has narrow and Prejudiced religious views


a person who speaks two languages 


an account of somebody’s life written by other person 


examination of the tissue of a diseased person


a rich ,creamy soup typically made with sehellfish


a severe  snow storm with high winds and low visibility 


short description of a book film etc for its promotion 


loud and aggressive Talk


one who does not follow the usual rules of social life


a small town within a town with its own governing Council 


one who always commands people 


a situation that stops an activity from progressing 


a broad Road bordered with trees


an attractively arranged bunch of flowers 


a member of the middle class 


a part of a horse’s harness that goes on to its head


hard but liable to be easily broken


a wild or half trained horse or Bull 


a Meal consisting of several dishes from which guests serve themselves 


an actor in a theatrical performance whose business is to make people laugh through his action or talk 


a person who uses his strength or power to frighten or heart others 


a person who breaks into a house in order to steal 


use of flattery to make someone agree


showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others


the making of false and defamatory statements in order to damage someone’s reputations ; slander


Of relating to or resembling a dog or dogs


Somebody who eats human flesh


To sink boat or ship


a picture of a person or thing drawn in such a highly exaggerated manner as to cause laughter


Flesh eating animals


A religious folk song or popular hymn, particularly one associated with Christmas


A small waterfall or group of waterfalls flowing down a rocky hill side


Sudden and violent change


A list of books


A very big church


A gentleman taking care of a lady


Showing a lack of proper concerns


Soldiers who fight on horseback

  • Ceasefire-An agreement between two countries or groups to stop fighting Celibate-One who is unmarried 
  • Cemetery – Place of burial 
  • Cenotaph – A tomblike monument to someone buried elsewhere, especially one commemorating people who died in a war
  • Centaury-A widely distributed herbaceous plantofthegentian family.
  • Centenarian-A person who has attained the ages of 100 years or more
  • Centenary – Celebration of a hundredth year, once a century 
  • Centennial – Of or relating to a hundredth anniversary
  • Centurion – The commander of a century in the ancient Roman army
  • Ceramics – Art of making pots etc. from clay 
  • Chant-Say a prayer in singing voice 
  • Chaotic– Situation in which everything is happening in a confused way
  • Chapel– That part of church which is used for private prayer
  • Chauffeur – A person employed to drive a private car 
  • Circumlocution – The indirect way or roundabout of saying something
  • Circumstantial – Clues available at a scene 
  • Clique– A small, exclusive group of people; coterie 
  • Cocktail-An alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or several spirits mixed with other ingredients, such as fruitjuice,lemonade, or creamp 
  • Coercion – Use of force or threat to make someone agree 
  • Coffer– The place where all the money is kept 
  • Coffle– Alineof animals or slaves fastened or driven along togethers 
  • Colleague – Aco-worker or a fellow-worker in the same institution 
  • Colony– A group of people of one nationality or ethnic group living in a foreign city or country 
  • Colt– Young male horse 
  • Commemorate – To keep a great person or event in people’s memory
  • Complacent – Showing satisfaction with oneselfor one’s achievements
  • Compositor – A person who arranges typing keys or printing text in a printing machine 
  • Conceited – To have a very high opinion of oneself 
  • Concubinage – Living together of a man and woman without being married to each other 
  • Concurrent/Coincident/Concomitant – Happening at the same time 
  • Conflagration – An extensive fire that destroys a great deal of land or property
  • Congenital – Belonging or pertaining to an individual from birth 
  • Congregation – A group of people gathered for religious worship 
  • Connoisseur – A person who can appreciate art, music etc.
  • Conservatory – A greenhouse, attached to a house
  • Consolidate – To combine into a single stronger and more effective whole
  • Constellation – Group of stars 
  • Consternation – Fear and anxiety 
  • Constipated – Repressed or inhibited
  • Constriction – Rules that prevent the free-will action 
  • Contemporary – Men living in the same age 
  • Contingency – Afuture event or circumstance that is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty 
  • Continuum – Acontinuous sequence of similar things 
  • Conundrum – A confusing and difficult problem or question 
  • Convalescence – The gradual return to good health after a period or illness or medical treatment
  • Convent – A place where nuns live 
  • Convention – An agreement between states covering special matters
  • Convoy- A group of vehicles travelling together
  • Corroborate – To confirm with the help of evidence 
  • Cortege – Asolemn procession, especially for a funeral 
  • Cosmesis – The practice of preserving or restoring physical appearance, usually after an operation
  • Cosmetician – A person who sells or applies cosmetics as an occupation
  • Cosmocrat – Aruler of the world. 
  • Cosmopolitan – Belonging to all parts of the world 
  • Coterie – Asmall group of people formed to fulfilown interests 
  • Credential – A qualification, achievement, personal quality, or aspect of a person’s background, typically when used to indicate that they are suitable for something 
  • Credible : That which can be believed 
  • Creditable – Deserving public acknowledgment and praise 
  • Credulous – A person who believes easily whatever he is told 
  • Crew– Agroup of people who work on and operate a ship, boat, aircraft, spacecraft, or train 
  • Criterion – Aprincipleor standard bywhich something may bejudged or decided 
  • Crude-Not processed or refined, Rude.
  • Crusade – A war of religions 
  • Cuisine – A style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of a particular country or region
  • CulpableDeserving blames 
  • Curmudgeon – A bad-tempered person 
  • Cwator-A person in charge of a museum 
  • Cynic– One who questions everything
  • Dawdle-To move slowly in a particular direction 
  • Debasement – Reduction in quality or value 
  • Debauchery – Excessive use of alcohol and sex 
  • Debonair – Confident, good looking and charming 
  • Debut-A person’s first appearance or performance 
  • Defamation – The action of damaging the good reputation of someone 
  • Defection – The abandonment of one’s country or cause 
  • Delectable -Pleasant or attractive 
  • Delegate – To transfer one’s authority to another
  • Delinquent – One who commits minor crime repeatedly 
  • Deliverance – Final release from rebirth 
  • Demagogue– A politician who rouses people’s feeling for own benefit 
  • Den– A living place for lions
  • Dendrology – Scientific study of tree 
  • Depraved -Of very bad morals; characterised by debasement or degeneration 
  • Deprecate – To feel or express disapproval of something or someone
  • Depreciate – To go down in value 
  • Dereliction : – Failing to discharge one’s duty 
  • Dermatology – Medical study of skin and its diseases 
  • Despicable : – Deserving hatred or contempt,Detestable 
  • Dessert-The sweet courseeaten at theendofa meal 
  • Destitute – The state of being miserable bereft of all possessions 
  • Deteriorate – To go from bad to worse 
  • Deterrent-That whose fear prevents something bad from happening 
  • Detour-Usually the longer route 
  • Devious-Showing a skilful use of underhanded tactics to achieve goals; (of a route or course of action) rambling; indirect; roundabout 
  • Devour – Eat(food or prey) hungrilyor quickly 
  • Dexterous -Skilful at handling things 
  • Diatribe – Bitter and violentattackin words
  • Dilettante – One who is a dabblerin arts, science or literature 
  • Diplomacy – Art of dealing with people in a tactful way 
  • Directory – A book of  names and addresses 
  • Dirge– A poem or song for the dead
  • Disciplinarian – Aperson who believes in or practices firm discipline 
  • Disenfranchisement – To take away someone’s right to vote 
  • Dismayed – Filled with depression or discouragement 
  • Dissertation – Awriting on a particular subject 
  • Diurnal – (of animals) active in the daytime 
  • Diva – A famous female singer of popular music 
  • Documentary – Atelevision or radio programme providing factual report 
  • Dodo– A flightless bird now extinct 
  • Dominion – Anarea controlled by a ruler
  • Dossier– A collection of documents about something 
  • Downpour – Aheavy rainfallo मूसलाधार बारिश 
  • Drizzle– Light rain falling in very fine drops 
  • Drought – A period of dry weather 
  • Drought-Dry weather with no rainfall 
  • Drover-A person who drives animals  जानवरों के झुंड को नियंत्रित करने वाला 
  • Dunce-A person who is slow to learn मूर्ख 
  • Dynasty-Succession of rulers belonging to one family
  • Eavesdropper – One who secretlylistens to the talkof others 
  • Eccentric – One who has strange habits 
  • Economical – Avoiding wastage, Careful in the spending of money, time etc.
  • Edible – A thing that is fit to be eaten 
  • Efface- To rub or wipe outs मिटा देना 
  • Effeminate – Ofmanners more like those of a woman than a man 
  • Effervesce – Give off bubbles of gas
  • Effluents – Liquid waste that flows out from a factory
  • Egoist (also Egotist) – A person who is selfish, self absorbed and self centred, One who thinks only for oneself 
  • Elegy – A song sung at thedeath ofa person किसी की मृत्यु पर शोक गीत 
  • Eligible – One who is qualified for selection
  • Elucidate – To explain something mysterious or difficult
  • Emancipation – The process of being set free from political or social restrictions 
  • Embankment – Awall built to prevent the sea or a river from flooding an area 
  • Embellish – Make (something) more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features 
  • Embezzlement – Misappropriation of mone 
  • Emblazon – Conspicuously inscribe or display (a design) on something
  • Embroil- To involve (someone) deeply in an argument, conflict, or difficult situation 
  • Emigrant-One who goes to settle in another country जो दूसरे देश में जाकर बस जाता है
  • Empathy – The ability to understand and share the feelings of another
  • Encyclopaedia– Book  that gives information about every branch of knowledge किताब जिसमें हर प्रकार की सूचना होती है 
  • Endemic– A disease that occurs within a specified area, region or locale 
  • Enthral-To be attracted towards something किसी चीज के प्रति आकर्षित होना 
  • Entrepreneur-  A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normalfinancial risks in order to do so 
  • Cannibal One who eats human flesh.
  • Centrifugal Anything tending to move away from centre. 
  • Centripetal Anything tending to move towards centre. 
  • Century One hundred years. 
  • Chrestomathy A collection of choice literary passages, especially to help in learning a language. 
  • Coprolalia Uncontrolled, excessive use of obscene or scatological language, sometimes accompanying certain mental disorders. , 
  • Cruciverbalist A constructor of crossword puzzles; also, an enthusiast of word games, especially crossword puzzles. 
  • Colleagues Persons working in the same office. 
  • Compatriot Belonging to same country. 
  • Congenital Belongs to a person by birth. 
  • Contemporaries Persons living at the same time. 
  • Convalescence Period of gradual recovery after illness. 
  • Cosmopolitan . A citizen of the world. 
  • Credulous Who easily believes others. 
  • Cryptography Study of secret writing and coded words. 
  • Curable Which can be cured. 
  • Cytology Study of cell. 
  • Dead letter An unclaimed letter. 
  • Deaf One who cannot hear. 
  • Democracy Government of the people, for the people, by the people.
  • Dermatology Study of skin. 
  • Digestible That which can be digested. 
  • Dilogy An ambiguous speech. 
  • Dittograph A letter or word repeated unintentionally in writing or copying. 
  • Dittology Two distinct interpretations of the same text. 
  • Dipsomania A strong desire to take liquor. : 
  • Divisible That which can be divided. 
  • Dotage Extreme old age when one behaves like a child. 
  • Draw A game in which no party wins. 
  • Dumb One who can’t speak. 
  • Dysgraphia Impairment of the ability to write, usually caused by brain dysfunction or disease. 
  • Dyslexia A learning disorder distinguished by impaired ability to recognize and comprehend written words. 
  • Edible A thing fit to eat. 
  • Effeminate Womanish in habits. 
  • Eligible One who is fit for the post. 
  • Elision The omission of a letter or syllable. “Don’t” instead of “do not.” 
  • Endemic A disease prevailing in a locality.
  • Emigrant One who goes to live in a foreign country. 
  • Employee One who is employed.
  • Employer One who employs. 
  • Entomology Study of insects. 
  • Endophoric Characteristic of a reference to something outside the speech or text in which the reference occurs. See also: exophoric. 
  • Epic A long narrative poem. 
  • Epanorthosis Immediate rephrasing for emphasis, intensification or justification. “You, young lad, are most brave! Brave, did I say? No, heroic!” 
  • Epistrophe Repetition of the same word or phrase at the end of successive phrases, clauses, or sentences. 
  • Epicure One who is fond of sensuous enjoyment. 
  • Epilogue A speech given after conclusion of drama. 
  • Epitaph Words inscribed on the tomb of the dead. 
  • Etymology Science deals with formation of words. 
  • Eucrasia A good or normal state of health. 
  • Etymon An earlier form of a word in the same language or an ancestor language. Examinee One who is taking examination. 
  • Examiner One who examines the copies of examinees. 
  • Exonym A name by which one people or social group refers to another, but which is not used by said group to refer to themselves. 
  • Expatriate To send out of native country.  
  • Expurgate To remove all objectionable matter. 
  • Extempore A speech without previous preparations. 
  • Extradite To send back the criminal to the country of his origin. 
  • Fanatic (Bigot) , Unreasonably enthusiastic about religion. 
  • Fastidious Having very selective taste. Hard to please. 
  • Fatalist One who believe in fate. 
  • Feminist One devoted to the welfare of women. 
  • Foster child Child brought by persons, who are not his parents. 
  • Franchise Constitutional right to cast vote. 
  • Fratricide Murder of brother. 
  • Garage shed for motor car. 
  • Geology Study of Earth…
  • Germicide Which destroy germs.
  • Glossolalia Fabricated, nonmeaningful speech, especially such speech associated with a trance state or some schizophrenic syndromes. 
  • Glottochronology The determination of how long ago different languages evolved from a common source language. 
  • Glutton Fond of eating too much. 
  • GratisWithout any payment, free.  
  • Gregarious Animals live in flocks.
  • Harangue A noisy and loud speech before a large gathering. 
  • Haplology The process by which a word is formed by removing one of two identical or similar adjacent syllables in an earlier word. 
  • Hearse Vehicle to carry dead bodies. 
  • Herbivorous Animals live on herbs.
  • Hendiadys The use of a conjunction rather than the subordination of one word to another.
  • Heterography A method of spelling in which the same letters represent different sounds in different words, as in ordinary English orthography. 
  • Heterophemy The unconscious saying, in speech or in writing, of some thing that one does not intend to say, especially when what is said is the reverse of what was intended. 
  • Heterogeneous Things of different nature. 
  • Histology Study of tissue. 
  • Hobson-jobson An Anglicized word or phrase corrupted from one or more words of an Asian language. 
  • Holonym A concept that has another concept as a part. 
  • Homicide Murder of a human being
  • Homogeneous Things of the same nature. 
  • Honeymoon The first night of a newly married couple. 
  • Honorary Post without any remuneration 
  • Hydra A serpent with many heads. 
  • Hydrophobia: A fear from water. 
  • Hygienist Who cares fully of his health. 
  • Hypothesis A tentative assumption, made to drive a logical conclusion. 
  • Hypallage Interchange of two elements in a phrase or clause from the order, in which they would normally appear. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” instead of “To waste a mind is a terrible thing.” 
  • Hypercorrect Characteristic of an incorrect linguistic construction, in which the error lis produced from a mistaken effort to be correct. “Between you and I,Which should be ‘between you and me.’ 
  • Hyponym A word that is more specific than a given word. 
  • Iconoclast Breaker of art and literature. 
  • Idiosyncrasy Peculiar temper of an individual.
  • IdolatryWorshipping of idols
  • Ignorant Person have no knowledge of any happening.. 
  • Illegal Unlawful. 
  • Illegible Which cannot be read.
  • Illiterate One who can neither read nor write.  
  • Illeism The practice of referring to oneself in the third person. 
  • Imitable Which can be imitated. 
  • Immigrant A person from another country comes to our country to settle. 
  • Immovable Which can’t be moved, fixed.
  • Imposter One who assumes name or title of someone else for deceiving others. 
  • Impregnable A fort which can’t be entered into. 
  • Incorrigible Cannot be corrected. 
  • Ingressive Characteristic of a speech sound produced with an inhalation of breath. 
  • Incredible Which can’t be believed. 
  • Inevitable That cannot be avoided. 
  • Infallible One who cannot make a mistake.
  • Infanticide Murder of an infant. Grey Daze u inter 
  • Infections A disease spread by contact.. 
  • Inimitable Cannot be imitated.
  • Insomnia Loss of sleep
  • Interpolate Inserting new matter in a book
  • Intervein Anything pushed inside veins
  • Invisible That which cannot be seen
  • Invulnerable  Cannot be wounded
  • Irreparable That can’t be repaired
  • Irrevocable A decision that can’t be revoked
  • Isocolon A sequence of parallel structures, having the same number of words and sometimes the same number of syllables
  • Itinerant  One who travels from place to place
  • Kindergarten  A school for small children
  • Kleptomania  An abnormal desire to steal
  • Linguist One who knows many languages
  • Ligature A character that combines two or more letters, such as e
  • Lipogram Writing composed of words lacking a certain specific letter or letters
  • Litotes Understatement by negating the opposite; a type of meiosis. “I was not disappointed with the news.
  • Loquacious A continuous talker
  • Lunar Eclipse of Moon
  • Maiden speech Speech made for the first time
  • Mammals The Animals which give milk
  • Manuscript Book written by hand
  • Masochism The condition or state of deriving (esp. sexual) gratification from one’s own pain or humiliation.
  • Materialistic One for whom money is the most important thing.
  • Matins  Morning prayer in church.
  • Matricide  Murder of own mother. 
  • Matrimony State of being married. 
  • Maxim An established principle.
  • Meadow A low level tract of uncultivated grassland.
  • Meditation The action or practice of profound spiritual or religious reflection or mental contemplation. 
  • MelodramaA sensational dramatic piece with crude appeals to the emotions and usually a happy ending. 
  • Mercenary  One who fights for the sake of money.
  • Mesomorph A person whose build is powerful, compact, and muscular. 
  • Meteorology Study of climate or weather.
  • Meticulous Very particular even about small details.
  • Migratory That moves from one place to another. 
  • Misogamist  One who hates the custom of marriage.
  • MisogynistHater, of women. 
  • Misologist  One who hates learning.
  • Mobocracy Rule by mob.
  • Metonymy Substitution of a word or phrase with another which it suggests. “The pen is mightier than the sword,” in which both “pen” and “sword” are substituted for “written prose” and “military.” 
  • Morphology The study of structure and form of words in language including inflection, derivation and formation of compounds. 
  • Monogamy Marrying one at a time.
  • Morphology Study of animal and plant structure.
  • Narcotic Medicine which induces sleep.
  • Neologism New word coined by an author.
  • Neology Study of formation of new words.
  • Notorious A man with bad reputation.
  • Nosism The practice of referring to oneself as “we”; a type of enallage. 
  • Numismatics Study of Coins. 
  • Obsolete No longer in practice.
  • Oceanography Study of ocean.
  • Odontology Study of teeth. 
  • Oligarchy Government by a few.
  • Omnipotent One who is all powerful.
  • Omniscient One who knows everything.
  • Omnivorous Who eats everything.
  • Opaque That which can’t be seen through.
  • Ophthalmology Study of eye.
  • Optics Study of light.
  • Optimist One who sees bright side of things.
  • Orthography The study of correct spelling according to established usage.  
  • Ornithology Study of birds. 
  • Orography Study of mountain
  • Orphan A child whose parents are dead.
  • Orthodox One who believes in traditional values
  • Orthography Study of correct spelling of words.
  • OstracizeTo expel from society.
  • Pacifist One who believes in total abolition of war.
  • Paleontology Study of fossils.
  • Panacea A remedy for all ills.
  • Pantisocracy Government by all.
  • Pantomime A dumb show.
  • Palilogy The repetition of a word or phrase in immediate succession, for emphasis. 
  • Palindrome A word, phrase, clause or sentence that reads the same regularly as it does when its letters are reversed; a type of palingram. 
  • Palingram A word, phrase, clause or sentence that reads the same backwards after rearranging segments. “Workmate did teamwork.” 
  • Pangram A sentence that uses all the letters of the alphabet; a holalphabetic sentence. 
  • Paragoge The process by which a new word is formed by adding a letter or syllable to the end of another word. Same as “proparalepsis.” “Climature,” derived from “climate.”
  • Paraprosdokian Unexpected ending of a phrase or series. 
  • Parasite One who depends on others.
  • Parasol A lady’s umbrella. 
  • Pathology Study of Disease. 
  • Patricide  Murder of one’s own father. 
  • Patrimony Properties inherited from one’s father
  • Patriot One who loves own country. 
  • Pedagogy Study of art of teaching
  • Pedantic A style in which author displays his knowledge.
  • Perpilocutionist One who expounds on a subject of which he has little knowledge.
  • Polyptoton Repetition of a word in different forms, cases, or with different inflection, in the sentence.
  • Purr word A word with positive connotations and therefore desirable to use in building and sustaining good public relations.
  • Pedestrian One who travels on foot.
  • Pessimist One who sees dark side of things
  • Philanderer One who enjoys by love making.
  • Philanthropist  A lover of mankind
  • Philately Study of stamp collection
  • Philistine  Who does not care for art or literature
  • Philogynist Lover of womankind.
  • Philology Study of words and their roots.
  • Phonetics Acoustics study of sound.
  • Phrenology Study of skull with regard to human character
  • Physiology Study of structure of human body
  • Pioneer One who leads others
  • Plagiarism Literary theft. Using ideas and words of another person presenting them as own.
  • Platitudes Common place remarks
  • Plutocracy Government by rich.
  • Polyandry Marrying more than one husband at a time.
  • Polygamy Marrying more than one wife at a time.
  • Post mortem An examination of body after death.
  • Primogeniture Right of succession belonging to the first born.
  • Pseudonym An imaginary name of author assumed to disguise himself.
  • Pugnacity Tendency to quarrel.
  • Purist One who is particular about the purity of one’s language.
  • Quadruped Animal having four foot.
  • Rebel One who take up arms against Government.
  • Redtapism Too much official formalities. 
  • Regicide Murder of a king.
  • Reticule A lady’s purse.
  • Retrospective Which takes effect from some earlier date. 
  • Sacrilege Violating sanctity of some religious place.
  • Sadist A person who derives (esp. sexual) pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, humiliation.
  • Shrew A woman with peevish nature.
  • Simultaneous Happening at the same time.
  • Smuggle Importing goods illegally without paying custom duties. 
  • Solar Eclipse of Sun, relating to Sun.
  • Soliloquy Speaking himself when alone. 
  • Somnambulism Walking in sleep. 
  • Somniloquism Talking in sleep.
  • Spokesman  One who speaks on behalf of other 
  • Stoic One who is indifferent to pleasure and pain.
  • Suicide Killing of self. 
  • Snarl word A word with negative connotations and therefore not desirable to use lest good public relations be undermined. 
  • Superordinate  A word that is more generic than a given word.
  • Syllogism Deductive reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from two premises.
  • Synesis Agreement of words to logic rather than grammatical form.
  • Synchronize  Occurring two or more events at a time
  • Teetotaller One who does not take alcoholic drinks.
  • Telltale One who enjoys talking about others private affairs
  • Thearchy Government by the God. 
  • Theist One who believes in the existence of God.
  • Theomania A belief that one is God
  • Transmigration Passing of soul from one body to another after death
  • Transparent That which can be seen through
  • Truant A student left school or class without permission. 
  • Truism An often repeated truth.
  • Twins Two child born together.
  • Usurer One who lends money at higher rate of interest.
  • Utopia A state of highest perfection. 
  • Uxoricide Murder of wife. 
  • Valetudinarian One who always think that he is ill
  • Venial An excusable fault
  • Verbatim Repetition word by word
  • Verbicide The destruction of the sense or value of a word
  • Verbose Style full of words
  • Vesper Evening prayer in a church
  • Veteran A well and long experienced person in a particular occupation
  • Wardrobe An almirah where clothes are kept
  • Widow : A woman whose husband has died
  • Widower : A man whose wife has died
  • Xenoepist : One with a foreign accent
  • Zoology : Study of animals

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