National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF)

 National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF)

The National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) is a competency-based framework in India that aims to recognize and certify the skills and knowledge of individuals in various sectors of the economy. It is developed and administered by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), an organization under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

The NSQF is designed to provide a common language for describing the skills and knowledge required for different occupations and to provide a way to measure and recognize the skills of individuals. It covers a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and information technology, among others.

The NSQF consists of a series of levels, starting from Level 1 (basic) to Level 10 (advanced). Each level represents a set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are required for a particular occupation or job role. To achieve a particular level, an individual must demonstrate the required skills and knowledge through the completion of a series of structured and industry-recognised courses and assessments.

The NSQF is intended to provide a flexible and learner-centric approach to skill development, allowing individuals to progress at their own pace and to build on their existing skills and knowledge. It is also intended to provide employers with a way to identify and recognize the skills of job applicants and to provide a basis for the development of industry-specific training programs.

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