National Fruitcake Day : 27 December
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 National Fruitcake Day – December 27

National Fruitcake Day is a holiday that is celebrated on December 27th in the United States. Fruitcake is a type of cake that is made with dried or candied fruit, nuts, and spices, and is often baked in a rich, heavy loaf or round cake. It is a traditional holiday treat in many countries and is often served during the winter months.

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National Fruitcake Day is not a widely recognized holiday, but it is a fun way for people to celebrate and enjoy this delicious treat. Some people may choose to bake their own fruitcake, while others may buy a fruitcake from a bakery or store. Some people may also choose to give fruitcakes as gifts to friends and family on this day.

While fruitcake has a reputation for being a divisive food, with some people loving it and others hating it, National Fruitcake Day is a celebration of this unique and flavorful treat. Whether you are a fan of fruitcake or not, this holiday is a fun way to enjoy a slice (or two) of this festive treat.

National Fruitcake Day History

It is not clear when National Fruitcake Day was first established or who created it. Fruitcake has a long history, with roots dating back to ancient civilizations in Egypt, Rome, and Greece.

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