Josh Sills Parents : John Sills and Kim Sills
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Josh Sills is an American football offensive guard for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. Josh Sills was born on January 26, 1998 in Sarahsville, Ohio, US to his Parents John Sills (Father) and Kim Sills (Mother) . His Born name is Joshua Matthew Sills .

There is not much information available about how many Children They have, but through internet sources we have Found Two kids of their. They have a Daughter named Nicole Johnson and a Son Josh Sills.
However, not much information is available about what his parents used to do, nor is much information available about his sister.
It has also been reported , that his parents had full support in his athletic career and his parents watch and enjoy his every single match.

Father’s Name

John Sills

Mother’s name 

Kim Sills



Son’s Name

Josh Sills

Daughter’s Name

Nicole Johnson
Josh Sills parents and sister
Left to right – Josh with sister , mom and dad

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