Surunga Gram Panchayat ,Baliapur Block , Dhanbad

  Surunga Gram Panchayat ,Baliapur Block , Dhanbad

There are 10 blocks in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand. Baliapur block is one of these 10 blocks. There are 23 Gram Panchayats under Baliapur Block. One of these 23 Gram Panchayats is the Surunga Gram Panchayat.

Many villages come under Surunga Gram Panchayat, some names  of the main villages are —– . The Current head (Mukhiya) of Surunga Gram Panchayat under Baliapur Block , Dhanbad  is  Vijay Kalindi  . 

Note: You can provide us, information about the head of your Gram Panchayat (Mukhiya), so that through you we can publish that information in our website, in which your name will also be explained.

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