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 Neena Pacholke : Biography

  • Born : 29 June 1995
  • Neena Pacholke is a Former Basketball Player of USF (University of South Florida) women’s team.
  • He committed suicide on 27 August 2022 at the age of only 27.

Neena Pacholke boyfriend :

  • It is unclear who Nina was dating, she kept her relationship life private from the media.

Neena Pacholke Children :

  • There is no information about Nina Pacholke having kids. However, she posted a picture with two beautiful girls claiming it’s her daughters.

Neena Pacholke Mother’s Name  : Laurie Klade Pacholke 

Neena Pacholkek’s father‘s Name: Aaron Pacholke

Neena Pacholke Siblings : Kaithlynn Pacholke

  • Neena Pacholke has a big sister called Kaithlynn Pacholke.

Neena Pacholke Profession :

  • She later worked as a morning anchor for News 9 in Wisconsin

Neena Pacholke Death : 

  • Pacholke’s sister told Neena Pacholke died by suicide on 27 August 2022 .

( NOTE : All this information has been taken from the internet ,May be different)

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